Push Pull Brake And Accelerator Hand Controls

Alfred Bekker has adaption fitters nationwide!

Easy To Use & Ergonomic

Wherever possible we have designed our hand controls to be “in dash” kits thus removing any obstructive rods you get with traditional hand controls.

The In Dash Push/ Pull Brake and Accelerator Hand Control is one of the most stress-free and effective designs currently in the marketplace. Its operation is simplicity itself -Push to brake and pull to accelerate - What could be easier?

This product is ergonomically designed and lightweight which ensures ease to use and handling.

Accredited By Motability
Originally designed, developed and manufactured by us over 35 years ago, the Push/ Pull Brake and Accelerator Hand Control has been widely imitated by our competitors. However, due to our strong reputation and high-quality design this product still remains one of our most sought after. In case you need additional peace of mind, our product is also accredited by the Motability Adaptations Program.

Adapted To All Cars
At Bekkers we ensure that every set of Hand Controls is designed to fit your car perfectly. When new vehicle makes and models are released, our experienced engineers have already measured, designed and adapted our Hand Controls to fit them.

We fit at our premises in Goole, and we also have fitters located nationwide.



  • Available for many makes and models of car.
  • Simple, lightweight operation.
  • Designed and manufactured in our own factories.
  • Can be fitted at our premises or by one of our nationwide fitters.
  • Accredited on the Motability Adaptations program.

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