Over Ring Accelerator

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Designed for Users with Limited Dexterity
The electronic Over Ring Accelerator sits neatly above the steering wheel allowing those with limited dexterity to easily accelerate.

Push to Accelerate
As one of the most advanced driving adaptations the Over Ring Accelerator provides effortless control of the car's acceleration. Perfect for everyday use, it is non-tiring and very simple to use. This product requires only a light push action to ensure efficient and safe acceleration.

Ergonomic, Discreet & Safe
The high quality and attractive stitched leather exterior allows the ring to sit unobtrusively in your vehicle and blend in with your cars own interior. Its ergonomic and robust design ensures that the ring is comfortable to handle and use. For us, safety is always a top priority so the Over Ring Accelerator has been designed to ensure that it does not interfere with your vehicles airbag system.



  • Simple push to accelerate action
  • Unobtrusive as it blends in with vehicles interior
  • Does not interfere with airbag operation
  • Comfortable to use

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