Exclusive Push-pull Brake And Accelerator With Self Cancelling Indicator Switch

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Utilising Brand New Technology
Like the original, the new Bekkers Indicator Switch still allows the driver to easily switch from the left to the right indicator without having to release the steering wheel. But thanks to a technological innovation the new Indicator Switch will now self-cancel!

Safe & Innovative
Once the indicator has been activated it will flash for 20 seconds in the selected direction and then self-cancel, allowing the drivers focus to remain on the road ahead. On most cars, the switch can be installed so that the indicator will flash indefinitely whilst the brakes are applied. Then once the brakes are released the indicators will continue to flash for a further 8 seconds before self-cancelling. This should give the driver time to complete the current manoeuvre safely before the indicators cancel.

Comfortable & Convenient
The switch is accessibly mounted in the end of the hand controls lever, which is covered by a comfort grip. It is fully compatible with the Bekker Push Pull Brake & Accelerator Hand Controls.

The original Bekkers Indicator Switch is also still available for those drivers who are used to the original system, and would prefer not to change!



  • Self-cancelling after 20 seconds
  • Available for many makes and models of car
  • Simple operation
  • Designed and manufactured in our UK factory
  • Nationwide fitting agents
  • Accredited on the Motability Adaptations Program

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