Lodgesons Mini Keypad for Hand Controls

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The Lodgesons Mini Keypad for Hand Controls is a hard wired system that allows several electrical controls to be operated from a hand control lever, or elsewhere in the vehicle if more convenient for the driver.

The Mini Keypad can operate:

  • indicators
  • lights (dip/main & flash)
  • front and rear wipers & washers
  • horn
  • hazards*
  • illumination for night-time use

*check for availability

Available via the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme.

Download: Mini Keypad Brochure


About Lodgesons

Lodgesons wireless keypad controls are designed to provide disabled drivers with the utmost in functionality, comfort and design.

Special features unique to Lodgesons include:

  • The first and only steering products that feature a soft touch steering grip that greatly increases driver comfort.
  • Choice of a quick release steering ball or quick release lollipop grip.
  • Backlit illuminated keypads that self-cancel after a set period of time, ensuring even longer battery life.
  • No need to recharge your batteries, as all keypads use an easily available CR123 lithium battery. Battery life is largely dependent upon usage of the illumination function. Testing has shown that the battery will last a total of approximately 110 hours with continuous use. It should be noted that we are the only manufacturer to offer a keypad with an illumination function that stays on longer than 7 seconds, and/or does not require recharging every few days.
  • All systems remove easily from the wheel and the modified car can be driven as normal by another driver. The keypad does not affect existing controls.
  • Lubricant free design – no more oil or grease in your car!

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