Indicator Extension

Simple & Effective Design
Suitable for left or right handed use, the Bekker Indicator extension consists of a metal rod which has been formed to extend the function of the indicator lever. With this device the indicator will now stretch across to the opposite side of the steering wheel therefore releasing the driver’s hand that would normally be used to trigger the indicator lever. Our Indicator Extension allows you to switch both of your indicators and your high beams on and off too!

Adjustable Length & Angle
The extension can be made to the exact length or angle that you require - the photograph illustrates the extension with the end bent downwards at the right by 90 degrees, this is the most common configuration.

Easy to Install
The indicator has been designed to fit every make and model of car. It requires no modification to the standard indicator stalk as it simply bolts to it. This means that there are no permanent alterations to the vehicle. The Indicator Extension can can be fitted at your home, at a time and date convenient to you. A member of our friendly team will also ensure that you receive some product training so that you feel 100% happy and confident. This driving aid is also accredited by the Motability Adaptations Program.

  • Extends indicator function to the other side of the steering wheel
    Switches both indicators and high beams on and off
  • Available for every make and model of car
  • Simple operation
  • Designed and manufactured in our UK factory
  • Can be fitted at your home by one of our nationwide agents
  • Accredited on the Motability Adaptations Program