Turny HD Swivel Seat

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Perfect for Users with Limited Mobility
This swivel seat offers an ideal solution for people with limited mobility to easily get in and out of their vehicle, by bringing the entire car seat out of the vehicle for easy access. The Turny HD swivels the car seat out through the door opening and lowers it to a suitable position for transfer to or from a wheelchair

Operated by a Hand-Held Control
The swivelling movement of Turny HD is manually operated. The Down/Up movement is powered and operated by a hand-held control.

Convenient & Functional
The turnout is mounted in the original seat bolt holes of your car which means there is no damage caused to your vehicle and should you wish to sell the car, the original seat can simply be replaced.



  • Available in 300mm, 395mm and 480mm vertical travel
  • Manual rotation
  • Easy emergency operation
  • Easy back-up systems
  • EMC and crash test approved
  • CE-marked

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