me-before-you-posterThis summer the Bekker’s “CareVan” will make a special appearance in the upcoming Hollywood movie “Me Before You”. The film is the story of a girl in a small town who forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of. The “CareVan”, based on the Chrysler Grand Voyager, was loaned to MGM back in 2015 and illustrates perfectly how a Bekker conversion can provide increased freedom and accessibility for wheelchair users.

The Bekker’s “CareVan”

The Bekker’s “CareVan”, shown in the film, can comfortably provide seating for up to 7 people (including wheelchairs). The vehicle features a lowered floor, folding ramp with easy lift, 4-point or drive-in wheelchair tie down, 3-point inertia or wheelchair tie-down and interchangeable centre and rear seats.

The Bekkers Chrysler Grand Voyager “CareVan was the most luxurious MPV based wheelchair accessible vehicle available on the market at the time. However the Chrysler Grand Voyager is no longer in production but Bekkers do have many other quality wheelchair accessible conversions to suit all requirements.

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Click here to see the “CareVan” in the trailer.