VAT Exemption on new cars

Since 2001, you have been able to purchase a new vehicle with 0% VAT if you are a wheelchair user. The scheme is subject to certain conditions being met, however, many of Alfred Bekker adaptations would qualify you for this exemption including our Hand Controls, Left Foot Accelerators and Wheelchair Hoists.

The Basics

  • The wheelchair user would be someone who would “normally use a wheelchair in order to be mobile”
  • The new vehicle must be “Substantially and Permanently Adapted”

More Details

For further details of how you could qualify for a zero percent VAT on your next new car, please contact us. It is vitally important that we are involved early on in your decision making to ensure that the vehicle is purchased, adapted and invoiced correctly by the various parties involved in order for HMRC to recognise the purchase and allow for the zero rated VAT.