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Hackney Cab

[tabs direction="top" tab1="Description" tab2="Gallery"] [tab1] Information Coming Soon Download: Alfred Bekker Taxi Brochure [/tab1] [tab2] [gallery link="file" ids="3112,3113,3114,3115"] [/tab2] [/tabs]
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Flexi Cab

[tabs direction="top" tab1="Description" tab2="Volkswagen Caddy" tab3="Ford Connect" tab4="Citroen Berlingo" tab5="Ford Connect Grand" tab6="NEW: Fiat Doblo FlexiRam"] [tab1] Alfred Bekker manufacture both the Ford Connect and the Ford Custom for the taxi market. The Ford Custom Hackney Cab has full under floor ramp, wipe down seats and wheelchair position. The Connect takes the Flexi Ramp system…
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