Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator

Designed for users with Reduced Right Leg Mobility
The Twin Flip Left Accelerator has been designed to allow a person with a right leg disability to operate an automatic car. The product works by modifying the standard accelerator and a adding a second accelerator pedal is fitted to the left hand side of the brake pedal.

Safe & User-Friendly
The pedals are assembled to ensure that only one pedal can be deployed at a time. This increases safety and driver confidence. To operate, you simply push the left hand side pedal down and automatically the right hand side pedal goes up and out of the way. This allows the user to drive the vehicle using their left leg for both the brake and accelerator functions.

Easily Reversible
When you wish to return the car back to normal, simply press down the right hand side pedal that is neatly tucked up out of the way, and the left hand side pedal will automatically flip up and stow neatly against the lower dashboard.- Simple!

  • Designed specifically for drivers with a right leg disability
  • Available for every make and model of automatic┬ácar
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Can be fitted at your home by one of our nationwide agents