Portable hand controls

Designed for Automatic Cars
Portable Hand Controls can provide you with the greater freedom to be able to test drive or borrow vehicles. Its structure and design means that the Bekkers Portable Hand Controls can be fitted to almost every make and model of motor vehicle with an automatic gearbox.

Quick installation & Easy Usage
It only takes seconds to fit and remove the controls, making them ideal for holidays, test driving cars or driving a friends or a family member’s car.

Perfect Short-Term Solution
These controls are a temporary measure and are only suitable for short-term use. For a permanent fixture, please see our range of built-in hand controls.

  • Available for every make and model of car.
  • Suitable for use in automatic gearbox vehicles only
  • Perfect short-term solution
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Simple, lightweight operation
  • Designed and manufactured in our own factories.