I found out about Alfred Bekker and chose your company as we live in Bridlington and I had looked for a company nearby. I had visited you several times previously especially when I was looking to install an electric handbrake on our Smart Car. I chose the company because of its nearness and its reputation as I had not heard anything bad about the conversions, and we have visited Mobility shows several times, including the Motability one in Manchester earlier in the year.

The experience of getting the conversion was very good and comfortable as I remained in the showroom while the work was being done and I have to say that this conversion is the best I have had (and this is the third vehicle I have had converted). I lived in the south of England when those were done and so the conversions were done locally to where I was living. These controls are the lightest and most responsive of the three and I am very grateful to you for the installation.

Mr P. Walker,

From our first phone call to collecting the car after fitting, we very impressed. We were somewhat concerned about trusting our beautiful new car to a company which we didn’t know, particularly as the mid-engine design made accessing the motor extremely difficult. As it turned out the kit came without fitting instructions but the engineers at Alfred Bekker did a brilliant job. The car has driven perfectly since we collected it. The over ring accelerator works really well and Ann turned off the half power setting after a couple of hundred yards. Her pleasure and confidence in driving has returned!

Many thanks for an excellent job

Ann and Toni Janik,

Very good service. All my questions were answered and nothing was too much trouble. Very friendly service, and very thorough.

C. Houghton,

Thankyou for the adaptions on my husband's car - they are brilliant. I wish I had contacted you earlier. Your staff are polite and friendly. Richardson Ford in Bridlington had recommended you.

Mrs S. Cox,