Scooter Hoist Or Wheelchair Hoist (100kg)

Alfred Bekker has adaption fitters nationwide!

The 100kg Hoist is designed to lift some powerchairs and mobility scooters up to 100kg maximum.

This particular hoist can be fitted in many hatchbacks and nearly all estates, MPV’s and 4×4’s.

Using the simple electronic control makes lifting your wheelchair or mobility scooter into your boot effortless.

Please contact us for further details of whether this particular wheelchair hoist is suitable for your wheelchair and car.



  • Lifts mobility vehicles up to 100kg
  • Simple electronic controls make it effortless
  • Tailor made fitting kits to suit most vehicles
  • Simple lifting brackets to suit most scooters and wheelchairs
  • Can save the VAT on your car when fitted to a vehicle from new



  • Lifts wheelchairs and scooters complete, dependent on your vehicle
  • Powered directly from your car’s own battery
  • Can be removed easily to leave the rear of vehicle clear (apart from mounting frame)
  • Brackets are simple to operate even for those with limited dexterity or strength
  • Can transfer from one vehicle to another (with fitting kit)

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