Quick Release Left Foot Accelerator

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Simple & Effective
Should you be unable to use your right foot to accelerate your car, we produce a Left Foot Accelerator which will enable you to drive your car normally. This adaptation, positioned to the left side of the brake pedal, allows conventional operation of the accelerator pedal using the left foot. When you press the new accelerator pedal, it transfers the movement to the original accelerator pedal, retaining the original feel and control of the standard pedals.

Also Available - A Quick Release Version
The quick release version comes with an integral pedal guard which prevents the driver's foot becoming trapped or obstructing the operation of the accelerator pedal.



  • Designed for drivers who do not have full mobility in their right foot
  • Allows easy and safe left foot acceleration
  • Available for every make and model of car
  • Designed and manufactured in our UK factory
  • Can be fitted at your home by one of our nationwide agents
  • Accredited on the Motability Adaptations Program


Fitting Information

The quick release version, once installed, can be fitted and removed in seconds as can be seen by watching the short product video. On the base plate of the quick release left foot accelerator, there is a steel pin. To remove the left foot accelerator, you simply depress the steel pin and slide the left foot accelerator to the left.

Once the left foot accelerator is removed, you can drive the vehicle using the standard pedals, as it was prior to the left foot accelerator being fitted. To re-fit, you simply place the left foot accelerator in line with the retaining slots on the base plate and then click back into position.

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