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Button Hook and Fastener

The Button Hook Zipper combo has two different steel ends – a hook at one end, & a loop fitting at the other which are designed to attach quickly & without fuss to zips & buttons, making them easy to close/open.


Product Features

  • This dressing aid makes it much simpler for the user to dress and undress without the need of assistance
  • Ideal for users who have difficulty fastening and unfastening buttons due to limited hand strength or only having the use of one hand
  • Helps with fiddly buttonholes and difficult small zips, thus promoting independent living
  • The Button Hook & Zip Puller's compact shape also makes it very portable and convenient to stow in a bag or pocket
  • Comfy, thick grip handle makes it easier to use for people who suffer from limited dexterity or who have a weak grip
  • Random colour supplied

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