SG Tech Wedge Ramp

Robust & Reliable
In 2013 SG launched the EasyLoad Powered Wedge Ramp (SG Tech Wedge Ramp) for ambulances and other vehicle applications. This ramp has been tested to over 250,000 cycles and load tested to 1000kg. The SG Tech Wedge Ramp has a protected powerful drive motor which provides a smooth and quiet operation.

Obstacle Detection
The ramps innovative electronic control unit prevents the ramp platform from being driven into ground and its obstacle detection system ensures that the drive motor automatically stops if the platform is obstructed.

Convenient & Safe
When closed, the platform is designed to be used as a step to enter the vehicle and it utilises the SG ‘Sacrificial end’. This ensures that, should it get damaged, only the rear section would need to be replaced. The platform also has a handy built-in extending handle for manual deployment.

The ramps 'pan' includes side pods with anti-slip covering which increases the safety of both the wheelchair occupant and the person loading the wheelchair.

  • Easy installation
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Tested to over 250,000 cycles and load tested to 1000kg
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Protected powerful drive motor.
  • Excellent weather, exhaust fume and acoustic seals.
  • Bekkers is an approved UK installer of the SG Technical Ramp system.