RolliBox System

Alfred Bekker API Ltd are now the sole UK distributor of the innovative RolliBox system.

The innovative transportation system for passengers with or without a wheelchair.

Everything in Place - Ready for Use
The RolliBox system combines all the qualities required for a vehicle to transport regular passengers and wheelchair users in the most comfortable, safe and professional way.
The RolliBox is equipped with seat rails, which ensures the flexibility of the seats and a secure attachment.

Ergonomic & Safe
Due to their stable seat structure, the fold-away ergonomically designed seats which are manufactured by “Schnierle”, exceed the quality of regular seats by far. When a wheelchair users is transported, the secure fastening of the wheelchair is facilitated by the fold-out support arms and are equipped with restraint straps which come out of the box.

Flexible & TÜV tested
The most remarkable feature of the RolliBox is that the person sitting in a wheelchair can use the regular 3-point seat belt provided for the passenger seat. By pushing the wheelchair towards the headrest of the seat, it can be adapted for wheelchair users and therefore offer the optimum protection in case of an accident. Due to the flexibility of the system, the carrier is always able to react to the respective situation and has the maximum number of seats or wheelchair restraint systems on-board at all times.

The system is currently provided for Minibuses and PTS Ambulances. Should you wish to use this system in any other vehicle please contact us for more information.

Download: Alfred Bekker Rollibox Brochure

  • Wheelchair restraint systems are stowed away neatly
  • Incorrect operation is virtually impossible
  • Length of wheelchair slots can be individually adjusted
  • Quicker/easier than standard systems
  • Height of 3-point seat belt can be adjusted for wheelchair passengers
  • Robust and reliable
  • Head/back rest for wheelchair passengers
  • Adjustable seats with low backs (good visibility)
  • Combined transportation of passengers with/without wheelchairs
  • Lighter than the competition
  • Vehicle floor is easily cleaned