Recently you fitted a steering aid and a driving aid hand controls to my Suzuki Vitara.

They are an absolute godsend. When my feet are hurting too much to drive, the hand control push to brake, pull to accelerate, are just amazing . The steering aid helps so much when turning the steering wheel. The switch on top of the push pull unit is very easy to use for the indicators, saving you taking your hand of the steering wheel to use the conventional one, thus staying in control of the car.

I would recommend anyone who has problems with their feet to consider getting a push pull lever with indicator switch and a steering wheel aid. I am really pleased I got them fitted - I can now drive all the time.

Mr G. Horner,

Thank you for all your help. A lady I know mentioned your company to me as I was looking for a company locally, the lady gave me your website and I had a browse. I phoned up your company and the receptionist was very helpful. I spoke to Charlotte the next day and I came out to see your company.

I saw the Airride Powerchair and was very impressed with it. I asked a lot of questions about it and Charlotte was so kind and polite and answered all my questions with such clarity. The paperwork was sorted out very quickly and the Powerchair arrived within a week.

The service given was 100%, the powerchair is very sturdy and simple to use. I am a six foot three man and I find it brilliant.

Your help was so much appreciated. Thank you.

Mr M. Chapman,

I am delighted with the push-pull adaptive controls fitted by your company and I have recommended Alfred Bekker to many of my fellow amputee patients at James Cook physiotherapist department.

Mr A. Fyfe,

I found out about Alfred Bekker and chose your company as we live in Bridlington and I had looked for a company nearby. I had visited you several times previously especially when I was looking to install an electric handbrake on our Smart Car. I chose the company because of its nearness and its reputation as I had not heard anything bad about the conversions, and we have visited Mobility shows several times, including the Motability one in Manchester earlier in the year.

The experience of getting the conversion was very good and comfortable as I remained in the showroom while the work was being done and I have to say that this conversion is the best I have had (and this is the third vehicle I have had converted). I lived in the south of England when those were done and so the conversions were done locally to where I was living. These controls are the lightest and most responsive of the three and I am very grateful to you for the installation.

Mr P. Walker,