Steering Wheel Spinners

Comprehensive Range to Suit all Needs
At Bekkers we offer an extensive range of Spinners which attach to the steering wheel to facilitate the efficient and safe manoeuvring of the steering wheel with one hand. Our range includes the Peg, Ball, Tripod, Flat and Upright Quad, Glove and Peg and the most commonly used worldwide- the Mushroom Steering Spinner.

A Market Leader – The Mushroom Steering Spinner
The Mushroom Steering Spinner is the most superior Steering Spinner currently in the marketplace. Its luxurious grip and ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to handle. It has a specially engineered top which releases from its base by simply pressing a button on its side, making this quick release product a must have adaptation for your vehicle.

Our range of quick release steering knobs can be seen on the image includes:

  • Peg Spinner
  • Ball Spinner
  • Mushroom Spinner
  • Tripod Spinner
  • Flat Quad Spinner
  • Glove and Peg Spinner
  • Upright Quad spinner