Pedal Extensions

Ideal for Short or Disabled Drivers
The Bekkers Pedal Extensions have been specifically designed for short or disabled drivers to ensure that they can safely reach and use their vehicles pedals without stretching or strain. This driver’s aid brings drivers approximately 90mm (3.5 inches) closer to the driver's seat.

Universal Fit
The Pedal Extensions will fit all cars on the road today allowing short drivers to reach the pedals safely and in comfort. They are available for both manual and automatic vehicles, or you can just buy a single pedal if that is all you require.

Easily Installed & Safe
The Pedal Extensions simply bolt onto the existing pedals. Once fitted, it allows the driver to sit further back into their seat. The Pedal Extensions makes driving safer, as the driver is further away from the airbag and in an emergency will not be hurt by any airbag deployment. For additional peace of mind the Bekkers Pedal Extensions are approved by Various Government Bodies Including Department of Transport.

  • Ideal for short drivers or disabled drivers
  • Universal Fit
  • Strong Construction
  • Easily Fitted
  • Comfortable to Use
  • Pedals Brought Closer
  • Approved by Various Government Bodies Including Department of Transport