Citroen Berlingo with Flexi Ramp

The Citroen Berlingo Flexi-Ramp raises the bar for travelling in comfort in a small wheelchair accessible vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with the patented 'Flexi Ramp' system allowing a full size luggage compartment with no obstructions when the ramp is stowed, or easily unfold the ramp and create ample space for the wheelchair.

There are various seating options available to accommodate up to 4 persons plus 1 wheelchair occupant*. The vehicle is available with either a manual or an automatic gearbox to suit all drivers.

The Berlingo Flexi-Ramp is one of the most versatile small wheelchair accessible vehicles on the UK market today.

The standard seating allows two front passengers and up to two rear seated passengers plus wheelchair occupant, depending on model of wheelchair. The rear seats can be folded down to their original factory installed configuration, or removed one at a time to create more space.

This offers true versatility in the vehicle. See images on the right.

The ramp is configured to offer a low ramp gradient, allowing the least effort possible to be used to push the wheelchair occupant into the vehicle.

You could even select the optional powered winch to pull the wheelchair into the back of the vehicle.

The Citroen Berlingo has been specially adapted for wheelchair passenger safety and comfort, with full lap and diagonal seatbelts provided for both able-bodied and wheelchair passenger. The lightweight folding wheelchair ramp offers great wheelchair access and includes a low ramp gradient easing wheelchair entry and exit.

Featuring high quality wheelchair restraints which have been tested to Motability standards, wheelchair passengers can be confident that they will have a safe journey in the Citroen Berlingo each and every time. Whether you choose to travel in your wheelchair or transfer to the passenger seat while stowing your wheelchair or scooter in the rear, travelling couldn't be easier.

Wheelchair accessible features include:

  • Lightweight low gradient folding ramp
  • Lowered floor for optimum accessibility
  • High quality wheelchair restraint system
  • Lap and diagonal seatbelts for seated and wheelchair passengers
  • Wheelchair width - 750mm
  • Wheelchair user height - 1377mm
  • Max Wheelchair area length - 1500mm



The Citroen Berlingo can accommodate driver, wheelchair passenger and three seated passengers



The Citroen Berlingo can accommodate driver, wheelchair passenger and one seated passenger


You can also have three seats in the rear if you are not carrying the wheelchair


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