Accelerator only hand control

The Original & Best Hand Control
The Accelerator only Hand Control is one the simplest and most effective designs currently available in the marketplace. Over 35 years ago this hand control was designed and developed by Bekkers and it has subsequently been imitated by many other manufacturers.

Simple & Lightweight Operation
To use, simply pull the controls towards you to accelerate. The Accelerator only Hand Control is suitable for all car makes and models. The control can can be fitted at your home, at a time and date convenient to you. A member of our friendly team will also show you use the control and encourage you to ask many questions as necessary till you feel 100% happy and confident.

Exceedingly High Standards of Quality
Due to our vast array of in-house precision Engineering machines, we produce all the components required to assemble the hand controls ourselves. This means that we can source and control the quality of the components to ensure that we continually exceed our customers’ expectations.

See also the brake and accelerator version on this control.

  • Pull towards you to accelerate
  • Available for every make and model of car
  • Simple, lightweight operation
  • Designed and manufactured in our own factories
  • Can be fitted at your home by one of our nationwide agents
  • Accredited on the Motability Adaptations program